C Programming with Arduino Updates and Resources

Started 11 March 2016

The updates section below contains the most important information to read before starting to work through the C Programming with Arduino book.

The resources section below contains additional information on how to install Atmel Studio, how to connect a programming device to an Arduino board and how to load the Arduino bootloader to an Arduino board after it is overwritten or erased.


Accompanying Files

Get the accompanying files for the book found on the Elektor website.

Atmel-ICE USB Programmer and Debugger

Update November 2019

The AVRISP mkII is no longer available and the AVR Dragon is marked as "mature product" on the Microchip website. Both these USB programmers are used in the C Programming with Arduino book.

Currently the Atmel-ICE USB programmer and debugger is the new standard USB programmer used with Atmel Studio. It is completely compatible with the book and can be used in place of the AVRISP and Dragon.

An additional advantage of the Atmel-ICE is that it can also be used to program SAM ARM devices from Microchip. See the article on connecting the Atmel-ICE to an Arduino MEGA 2560 and the article on connecting an Atmel-ICE to an Arduino Uno for more details on the Atmel-ICE.

Problems with Atmel Studio

Reducing Problems

To reduce any problems with incompatibilities between the book and newer versions of Atmel Studio, install the version of Atmel Studio used with the book.

Template Files Missing from New Project Dialog Box

With newer versions of Atmel Studio, after installing the template files as described in section 1.3 on page 26, the template files may not appear in the New Project dialog box – find the solution.

Toolbars Missing in Atmel Studio

Toolbars may be missing in newer versions of Atmel Studio – see the solution to this problem.

Problems Installing Template Files

Can't install the template files for the Arduino Uno and MEGA in Atmel Studio? See the article on installing the template files.


See the C Programming with Arduino book web page on the Elektor website for downloads, more details and a preview of the book.

Find more details and screen-shots on how to install Atmel Studio in the article on installing Atmel Studio 7.

See how to connect USB programming devices to Arduino boards:

After loading a program from Atmel Studio to an Arduino board using an Atmel-ICE, AVRISP mkII or AVR Dragon the Arduino bootloader will be overwritten. The following two articles show how to restore the bootloader on an Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA using Atmel Studio and an AVRISP mkII or AVR Dragon. After the bootloader has been restored, the Arduino will be able to be programmed using the Arduino IDE and USB cable.