Installing Atmel Studio 7

8 January 2016

Download the Atmel Studio offline installer found at the bottom of the Atmel Studio page on the Microchip website. The following steps show how to install Atmel Studio 7 using the offline installer.

1. Run the Atmel Studio Installer

Double-click the downloaded Atmel Studio Installation file to start the installation. Click the Run button in the dialog box that pops up in order to proceed with the installation.

Run Atmel Studio installer

2. Accept the License Terms

The license terms must be accepted to proceed with the installation. Leave the installation path at the default value.

Atmel Studio accept license terms

3. Select Required Microcontroller Architecture

Only AVR 8-bit MCU needs to be selected when programming Arduino Uno and MEGA boards, but the other microcontroller architectures can also be installed in case you would like to program these microcontrollers at some stage. The only reason you would un-check the other microcontrollers is to save disk space and you are sure that you will never need to program these other microcontrollers.

Select AVR architecture

4. Software Framework and Example Projects

Optionally the ASF (Atmel Software Framework) and example projects can be installed.

Installing the software framework and example projects

5. System Validation

If the system validation checks are valid, then the Install button can be clicked to start the installation.

Atmel Studio system validation checks before installation

6. Installation Started

The next dialog box shows the installation progress.

Atmel Studio installation progress dialog box

7. System Restart

After installation the system will need to be restarted by clicking the Restart Now button.

Atmel Studio installation system restart

8. Completing Installation

After restarting the system, installation will continue and then complete.

Completing Atmel Studio installation

Click the Close button after installation has completed.

Atmel Studio installation complete