C programming with Arduino book

C Programming with Arduino

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C Programming with Arduino, published by Elektor, teaches the C programming language in an embedded environment using Atmel Studio and Arduino boards. Example code used in the book runs on AVR based Arduino boards and has been tested on the Arduino Uno and MEGA 2560.

The C programming language is a standard language used to program microcontrollers and embedded systems. C enables advanced programming of Arduino boards and allows programming of other microcontrollers that are not supported by the Arduino IDE.

Atmel Studio is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) that uses the GCC C software tools for AVR microcontrollers and is free to download. Atmel Studio is used in conjunction with a programming device such as an AVRISP mkII or AVR Dragon to program Arduino boards as would be done by professional embedded software developers. When used in conjunction with an AVR Dragon, Atmel Studio provides debugging capabilities including single-stepping through C code and examining the contents of memory and variables.

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The book is available from Elektor (C Programming with Arduino).