Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual Accompanying Resources

Resources for the Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual can be found below, including web links, Arduino sketches from the book, extra images and downloads.


Find the downloads for the Arduino Uno Hardware Manual here.

PDF Drill Template File

The drill template file: drill-template.pdf as promised in sections 8.1 and 8.8 of the book. To save, right-click the link and choose Save Link As (or similar menu item, depending on browser) from the menu that pops up.

Important: Be sure to print the drill template file using a 1:1 scale, so that the template is not resized. After printing the template to a page, measure the 1cm or 1 inch markings to make sure that the page printed to scale.

Tip: The same drill templates can be found at the very back of the book after the index where they can be cut out and used as templates for drilling a base plate or for marking the mounting holes in an enclosure.

KiCad Template File

KiCad template file for Arduino Uno and Arduino Uno shield: arduino-uno-template_1_3.zip as promised in sections and 8.8 of the book.

The KiCad template files were created using KiCad version 5.1.5 and need to be unzipped from the downloaded zip file before opening with KiCad. The template contains schematic and board files with the Arduino Uno R3 header sockets and drill holes placed in the correct positions on the board – ready for starting a new shield or Arduino board project.

Web Links

Go to the Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual web links page that contains clickable links to all the web resources from the book, or jump to the desired chapter on the page using the links below.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

Arduino Sketches

Go to the Arduino Uno Hardware Manual sketches page to find the Arduino sketches used in the book. Here they can easily be copied and pasted to the Arduino IDE.

Extra Images and Screen Captures

Find links to extra images and screen captures on the Ultimate Arduino Uno Hardware Manual extra images page where these images can help clarify various explanations in the book.